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Upcoming Gigs open to all.....

(private gigs not listed)
Email for confirmation as dates do change!!

Please remember this list is added too  all the time & the odd private function may have slipped through as well as some may cancel,

please contact us or the venue before setting out!
This list is not exclusive, there is always something in the pipeline & Stu has various other music projects on the go and is usually gigging 2/3 other nights a week as well as Band functions so please do not take this list as a complete list of dates, this is just the dates for Johnny Cash Show, Gone Country Band, Deuce & Maverick!​

We are available also through -

Scott Jordan Entertainments

Sugar Town

A1 Start Tribute

Chelsea Artists,
Sylvan Entertainments,
Maverick Events
Lone Rider Entertainments
& Direct should your venue allow!

(GC) - Stu Edwards & Gone Country Band 

(JC) - The Johnny Cash Show


(Solo) - Stu "Maverick" Edwards Solo


(Deuce) - Stu "Maverick" Edwards Duo

(JC & GC) - 1st Half Johnny Cash, 2nd half Gone Country Band


June 12th  - Dancing Dog Saloon, Kent (GC)


July 14th - QRMW Charity Dinner, Woking (JC) (SOLD OUT ) 

July 22nd - Brooklands Museum, Weybridge (JC) (Afternoon show) 

August 11th - RAOB Social Club, Addlestone (GC) 

November 17th - RAOB Social Club, Addlestone (GC) 

December 3rd Chertsey Rednecks CMC, Chertsey (GC) 

December 22nd - Sadlers Arms , Send ( Solo JC ) 


Keep checking for more dates !!!

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